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The #1 Online Dot Art course in the world! Colour My Soul’s Online DOT ART MasterClass for Beginners is a course packed with valuable information and loads of tips to give you a great foundation to start your Dot Art journey.

Now Only R 997!

Includes Swooshes, Petals and step-by-designs.

You will learn the correct techniques, all the fundamentals of Dot Art and gain a wealth of knowledge – from tools for dotting, paint consistency, preparing your surface to sealing the final product and everything inbetween!

Now Only R 997!

Why Dot Art?

Dot Art is the creation of designs using dots of various sizes and colours. This art form is a simple way to create beautiful artwork, even if you have never drawn before. There aren’t a lot of rules so it’s easy and there are so many benefits to learning this skill.


It’s fun, relaxing, therapeutic and addictive!
It teaches patience and mindfulness
Helps with focus and being in the moment
You learn to trust the process while letting your creativity emerge
And it just makes you feel happy! (it colours your soul!)
Dotting can be done on just about anything!

Wood, canvas, ceramics, pot plants, rocks, furniture, etc. If it doesn’t move, it can probably be dotted! Dot Art requires patience and must not be rushed, as it is so relaxing and very therapeutic.

The #1 Online Dot Art course in the world!

The course facilitator, Krupa, has introduced over 2100 people to the wonderful world of Dot Art since July 2018 and through this experience knows exactly what questions are asked by beginners to this amazing art form and has covered it all in this course!


If it doesn't move, you can probably dot it!

Now Only R 997!


This is my first ever online course: it's such a fun, relaxing & therapeutic! So glad I joined. An amazing tutor, course & dot-art souls. I'm planning on doing Dot-art on recycled materials & making birthday & Christmas gifts and decor for my home. Thank you Krupa!
Jenny Brown
The course is fantastic and I really enjoy your very detailed instructions. I attended a course with you in 2019 and have practised a lot since then but I find that this online course has giver me a lot more tips etc and it is nice to practice each exercise as much as you want before moving on. Thank you Krupa for being such a wonderful instructor!
Susan Nel
Oh my goodness! I've been dotting for a while now, but onlu after completing the course this afternoon, did I realise how little I knew! Just by watching Krupa closely I've learnt so much and cannot wait for hte next videos! Thanks so much Krupa!
Madeleine Kannemeyer.
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