Tool Set only, Factory-Flawed (USD40, INCLUDES SHIPPING)




*** For clients outside of South Africa ***Fee INCLUDES shipping, worldwide***

Currency conversion from ZAR to USD = approximately USD40 (may vary slightly based on daily exchange rate)



1x   Colour My Soul’s FACTORY-FLAWED Dot Art Tool Set (Tool #17-24)


PLEASE NOTE: The minimum parcel weight that we can send (and that you are paying for) is 500g. This tool set fills up only a small portion of that weight. Please have a look at the “BUNDLE” deals that we have available specially for our international clients to maximise the weight allowance that is being paid for shipping.


About Colour My Soul’s FACTORY-FLAWED Dot Art Tool set:

At Colour My Soul, we take great pride in providing the best quality products to our clients. However, from time to time, we get batches that have factory flaws.

From an ethical standpoint, we will not sell these tool sets at full price. Therefore we are offering our factory-flawed batch of Dot Art tools at a greatly reduced price. If you’ve always wanted a set of Colour My Soul’s COMPLETE Dot Art Tool Set & don’t mind a few imperfections, then this is the deal for you!

In terms of functionality, the tools still create perfect dots, swooshes & walk-the-dots.

The following aesthetic factory-flaws are present on these tools:

  • Tool numbering & branding is not clearly visible & legible
  • Teal & Green colours are less vibrant.
  • Texture is less silky to the touch.
  • The bigger flat-end tool sizes (#13-16) are slightly concaved.
  • Seams are slightly visible on some tools.
  • Tools have not been deburred after injection molding.

Tools are packaged in a ziploc bag (no box packaging).



12 Tools, double-ended, 24 sizes

– 8 Flat-end tool with sizes 1mm-16mm in every increment, in Teal colour
– 4 Round-end tools from pointy to 8mm for “walk the dots” and beautiful swoosh techniques, in Green Colour

Injection molded – making them extremely durable.

Light-weight and comfortable to use, with same size grip on all tools.


NOTE:  We currently have 3 types of Dot Art Tool sets.

    1. Colour My Soul’s COMPLETE Dot Art Tool Set (the original set, Tool #1-24) – See item details above.
    2. Colour My Soul’s FACTORY-FLAWED Dot Art tool Set (same as the COMPLETE set, but with some aesthestic flaws, therefore offered at a greatly reduced price!)
    3. Colour My Soul’s ROUND-END Tool Set (these are the 4 Round-end tools found in the above sets. Due to popular demand, they are now available as  set on their own (Tool #17-24)